kids home-baking kits

Healthier bakes

Packed with real fruit. Lower in sugar than traditional bakes. Get inspired to try healthier baking.

Easy recipes for kids

Super easy

All you ever need are milk, eggs or butter. With a shelf life of at least 2 months so you can choose when to bake.

Cooking with kids


Specially designed for kids to do most steps independently. Hands-on learning they will love and creations they'll be proud of. 

Peek inside a Playbakes box

What's in a PlayBakes kids baking kit


Each month you'll receive a healthier bake to try -  developed by a chef and nutritionist and approved by our mini taste testers! 

Kits contain all the dry ingredients you need as well as cookie cutters, muffin cases, pastry brushes, activity and recipe cards

All perfectly portioned in biodegradable packaging

Personalised and delivered to your door

How it works

How a PlayBakes kids baking gift subscription works How a PlayBakes kids baking gift subscription works

Our Customers

We absolutely loved the PlayBakes box :)

My 6yr olds face when he saw he had post was an absolute picture!

Marie Arafin

Felt like a real treat, without the guilt of feeding them rubbish!

Katherine Dayman

Very simple as all pre measured so she could be more hands on than usual with less taking over from me!

Lucy Jarman

Recipes for kids

Fruit and Nut Granola Bars

Fruit and Nut Granola Bars

These granola bars are packed with healthy ingredients. So easy for kids to make just melt, mix and bake.
Top 5 Easter cooking activities for kids

Top 5 Easter cooking activities for kids

Top 5 creative cooking activities to do over Easter. Get kids in the kitchen with these Easter themed healthy baking ideas.
illustrated scone recipe for kids

Pear and Raspberry Scones

Let kids get hands on in the kitchen with this healthy Pear and Raspberry Scones picture recipe card.