Top 5 Easter cooking activities for kids

Oh Easter how we love you and your chocolate egg hunts. My kids are so skilled at finding them now that I no longer get the perk of eating undiscovered ones.  
Beyond filling little tummies with giant chocolate eggs there are so many really simple Easter themed cooking activities you can do with kids, which won’t add to the chocolate overload. These are our top 5 healthy Easter cooking activities for kids.
No bake easter egg fruit tarts recipe
Decorate a rainbow ‘egg’. These little egg-shaped fruit tarts by Super Healthy Kids are cleverly made with oats, honey and nut butter decorated with yoghurt and fruit.
A great activity for kids to shape the ‘egg’ base, spread with yoghurt and get creative.  Kids will love designing their own. Use a combination of tinned, dried or chopped fresh fruit.  This recipe is packed with fibre, calcium and vitamins.


Healthy chocolate easter egg nests

We love these gorgeous chocolate nests filled with blueberries by Eats Amazing.
Chocolate-coated shredded wheat packs some serious fibre punch, whilst still being a sweet treat for kids.
Look closely and you’ll see this recipe calls for dairy free chocolate - you can make your own with coconut oil, cocoa powder, maple syrup and vanilla. Who’d have thought it was that simple?
Flower pot healthy Easter snack for kids
Perfect for an Easter party, these cute flowerpots by Taste and Tell are a playful way to serve hummus and carrots. Not sure any of our flower pots are clean enough for this (!) but we’ve no doubt these will be irresistible for kids to pull up. Do you need a trowel or a fork?

Bunny Snacks

Sometimes it’s ok to play with your food right?  These bunny bagels by Mommyapolis are a good excuse to get creative at snack time.  Pick your spread and toppings and try and craft your own bunnies. If you don’t have bagels, mini pancakes or large rice cakes are a good alternative. Choose whole wheat bagels or brown rice cakes to sneak some extra goodness in.
Carrot and apple chick muffins
Okay, we’re a bit biased here, but these healthy Easter muffins by PlayBakes are so easy for kids to make. Build those kitchen skills by letting kids do the grating, mixing and decorating. 

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