Hannah Stafford founder of PlayBakes                    James Adams PlayBakes Chef

The PlayBakes story

Some might say she’s obsessed with fruit and veg

Hannah has been working in food and health for over 12 years. She trained as a Public Health Nutritionist and went off to work in the NHS - in London communities to get families eating more fruit and veg. After that she moved to Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming - campaigning on food policy and setting up food projects to improve access to fruit and veg in some of the most deprived areas of London. And then on to work in the food industry in the exciting nocturnal world of New Covent Garden Market - working with wholesale fruit and veg suppliers, who deliver the city’s fresh produce before you even wake up in the morning!

A change of direction

The arrival of Hannah’s kids opened up new perspectives. With her obsession with fruit and veg contained more to the house she applied her knowledge to new things. Letting kids explore food, outside of pressured meal times, is a great thing - empowering them to discover tastes and textures for themselves. This is one of the reasons why hands-on cooking with kids is so great for them. BUT let's face it, cooking with young kids is hectic, stressful, insanely messy and usually ends with far too many sugary cupcakes to ration.

The idea of PlayBakes was born

To make it easier for people to enjoy cooking with young children. PlayBakes is special because we keep refined sugars to a minimum by using innovative fruit and veg ingredients. This also gives kids the chance to explore and experiment with new flavours.

Making it a reality

To create the PlayBakes range of healthier bakes Hannah teamed up with our amazing Chef James Adams. James had previously worked at The River Cafe, Kensington Place and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. He opened Gail’s Kitchen in Bloomsbury and has developed many delicious recipes for the London bakery chain Gail’s.

18 months in the kitchen, testing and retesting and testing again. And here we are, putting PlayBakes out there.

We hope you love it!