Follow these simple substitutions to make PlayBakes egg or dairy free

Raspberry Jammy Dodgers

  • Replace butter with the same quantity of non-dairy spread. We recommend Biona 

Hot Cross Buns

Vegan Hot Cross Buns

  • Replace 25g of butter with 25ml vegetable oil
  • Instead of using 140ml milk simply substitute with 130ml warm water
  • Swap the 1tsp of milk in the icing sugar glaze for 1tsp of water

      Banana Chia Crumble

      Vegan Banana Bread
      • Swap the egg for 100g apple puree and 1/2 tsp baking powder

      Mighty Mango Shortbread

      Vegan Mango Shortbread
      • Replace butter with the same quantity of of non-dairy spread.

      Pumpkin Pretzel Spider

      Vegan Pumpkin Pretzel
      • Swap the 25g of butter in the recipe for 25ml of vegetable oil and reduce the water by 10ml
      • Instead of brushing the spider with egg you can use a non-dairy milk