Gooey Date Bowl Licking

Kids baking and licking spoons

So things got very exciting for me and my two nippers recently, as our very own package of PlayBakes arrived. Despite their usual professionalism in this role, my two and four-year-old testing critics became fairly animated, desperately trying to rip the little box open as soon as it arrived. Not that I can blame them, mind you, as it was a pretty fun process from the start; taking out the dinky little packages, all neatly labelled to keep it idiot (i.e. me) proof. The cute little instructions were clear enough to keep all of this a damage limitation exercise, since kids’ involvement in these tasks usually pebble-dashes the prep area somewhat. I'd love to be one of those excellent mums who lets their kids get their hands dirty at home, doing sensory play, squidging jelly and suchlike, but… that's why you pay for nursery care, surely.

So far so good, everything was prepped and ready to go. While the dates sat off softening in some water, Son unleashed some anger on the eggs, producing an eggy froth of the finest calibre (what had upset him so? And more importantly, how could I revoke these feelings every time I needed help whisking eggs?) Daughter, meanwhile, lent a more stoic hand with mixing the wet and dry ingredients and once the lot was in the baking tin, the chocolate chips (or what was left of them) were added as the final touch before Oven Time.


Predictably, Oven Time was far too long for my two so distraction was necessary before they took to running through the house making toddler-height go-faster smears all over the walls and glass. So, some intense bowl and utensil licking was needed. Predictably, both mini-critics became covered in mixture pretty much everywhere visible and so they were kept quarantined in the prep zone until Consumption Hour.

And what an hour. Amid the mess and the bickering about who got to cut it first - and that was just  Husband and me - the glorious little squares got sliced up and handed around and, it is fair to say,  it had been well worth it all. For a first go these had a deliciously fudgy consistency, far too much so to keep any for the afternoon guests (sorry guests). A spoon-licking, crumb-thieving ten out of ten all round.

If anyone fancies a spot of light cleaning, by the way, the prep station and children are still ready and waiting.

Just, well, get in touch.



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